So far in our event marketing series, we've discussed defining an objective for your event, the importance of an event website and email to engage attendees, and how to leverage social media. In this post we'll discuss the role of your company website or blog, printed materials, and Google search.

1.  Your Company Website or Blog                     

Although your focus will be primarily on your event website, your company website is likely where someone first encounters your business online. Make use of the treasure trove event-related content by blogging about the benefits guests will receive by attending, your amazing guest speakers, the great ideas to be explored in your seminars and demonstrations, and the buzzing industry trends you will be spotlighting. Post short video interviews with exhibitors and highlight the new products they are excited to share with attendees.

As always, include links to your event website inviting visitors to learn more and register.

2.  Printed Materials 

A limited number of printed materials may be helpful in promoting your event, including postcards, brochures, and programs. “Limited’ because the majority of your audience is likely well suited to online engagement, and online promotion is generally less expensive, more efficient, and better for the environment.

The materials you do print should contain the same brand voice and graphic elements as your online media, as well as your primary calls-to-action: Visiting your event website, registering for the event, and becoming part of the social media dialogue.

3.  Search

Have you ever Googled your event? This is less about promotion than research, but it can certainly help you craft or refine both your strategic and tactical marketing approach. Googling an event may surface articles, blog posts, and attendee reviews, and help you discover what people are excited about, what they took away, and what areas you may need to improve.  (Expo)

Now that we've walked through your event marketing tactics, our next post will focus on putting those tactics into a timeline.  

Are we helping you do your job better? Is there something we've missed? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.