Negotiate and Sell Anytime, Anywhere.

Get online tools to manage your promotions and sales events.


Vendor Negotiations

Easily Create Vendor Deals Online.

Traditional deal negotiations can be fraught with misadventure. Our online negotiations platform improves the process from the ground up. Spreadsheets are replaced with an easy-to-use dashboard that displays deals at a glance. And say goodbye to faxes; the system delivers automatic email notifications as items change status.


(( fa fa-paper-plane-o ))  Eliminate the Paper 

Deals are made and tracked electronically.

(( fa fa-pencil-square-o ))  Sign Electronically

The process complies with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

(( fa fa-bar-chart-o ))   Improve Tracking

Reporting of finalized agreements is available on-demand.


Key Features

  • Add notes for vendors
  • Change or approve deals
  • Receive automatic email notifications
  • Attach important documents
  • Add or remove items
  • Sort columns to filter results


Online Trade Shows

Never Miss a Sale.

If your customers are ever too busy or far away to attend your events, you can now bring the show to them, online.  



(( fa fa-magnet ))  Capture More Business

Customers and sales reps can place orders anytime, 24/7. Online "showbook" events are great for smaller shows and regional events, where venue costs are prohibitive. 

(( fa fa-heart ))  Improve Customer Satisfaction

Create promotions for select customer segments or your entire account base.

(( fa fa-binoculars ))  Discover New Opportunities

Host interest-only events to see what's popular with your customers.

(( fa fa-credit-card ))  Steal Sales From Competitors

Use Target Marketing to highlight unique items for each account.


Key Features

  • Orders in lump sum or by ship week 
  • Multiple search filters for easy browsing
  • Reports on-demand
  • One-click ordering for historical purchases