Speed Up Your Sales Cycle by 50%

Perenso is a cloud-based application for the iPad that allows sales reps to take orders and leads, distribute point-of-sale presentations, and take inventory while in the field.


Reduce Sales Costs

Optimize customers, sales territories, and coverage. Cut auto and gas costs, as well as the number of reps needed in the field.

Increase Productivity

More efficient coverage routing means sales reps can make more calls over a shorter distance. 

Get More Leads

Customers instantly receive POS materials to learn more about a product or line.

Grow Sales

Calling on the right accounts with the right messaging increases sales. Reps understand their priorities and how to make the most of each call.



Who Uses Perenso?

Perenso is used by distributors and manufacturers.

It is ideally suited to businesses that require close, cooperative communication between sales operations and the outside sales team. It is designed to optimize the entire sales process, from defining territories to forecasting to reporting. 




Easy Setup

Perenso easily connects to your customer relationship management (CRM) software, allowing data to be imported without any interference from your IT department. This means not only low implementation and operation costs, but a more independent, sales-centric solution for your team. And best yet, you can have it up and running within a day.



Perenso Includes

  • Order entry and lead generation in real time
  • Automated inventory process 
  • Account call priorities (management-driven)
  • Call follow-up activities (rep-driven)
  • In-store compliance measurement
  • Competitor analysis questionnaire
  • POS and video presentations on-demand
  • Daily agenda for each rep 
  • Offline mode for reps out of range

How It Helps

  • Reps have the tools and information to empower their sales efforts
  • Transactions are instantly saved in the cloud
  • Data is synced in real time between reps and the head office
  • Fewer errors and no manual processes 
  • Easy access to sales collateral
  • Replaces out-dated and divided systems with a unified, simplified solution
  • Easy migration of your old system