Your Goods Should Never Go Bad.

Create limited-time sales events to market perishable products at a profit.




Sell Overstocked and Dated Goods Quickly.

Distributing overstocked and perishable merchandise through the supply channel is a real problem, leading to the loss of billions of dollars every year. FastSell is an online sales platform that eclipses the time it takes to move goods through traditional channels, directly connecting you with customers ready to buy. 


Create Flash Sales  

Offer deeply-discounted goods at a fixed price.


Conduct Auctions

Sell distressed and overstocked merchandise.


Host Bidding Events

Sell limited-quantity merchandise and promotional items.



How It Works

Limited-Time Sales Events.

Sell fast and sell profitably.  


(( fa fa-image ))  Design Your Event

Create your product groups, then add details including the event’s name, terms, start and end dates, and banner image.

(( fa fa-microphone ))  Notify Customers

Add accounts one at a time or by group or master file. Then select accounts to invite to the event.

(( fa fa-shopping-cart ))  Start Selling

Load products individually or by master file. Manage orders as they happen and review overall sales performance.


Key Features

  • Live inventory countdown
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Host multiple events simultaneously
  • Simple events dashboard
  • Customer email capture
  • Customer and product list segmentation