Lead Retrieval: Five Must Haves For Healthcare Exhibitors

Healthcare exhibitors have unique needs when it comes to lead retrieval systems. Not just any lead system will work for them. A healthcare exhibitor’s lead system must be versatile, it must be smart, it must allow for customization, and it must integrate with the exhibitors CRM and reporting systems. It must also have the ability to capture and report in accordance with compliance rules, regulations, and standards.

1. Compliance

Your lead system should automatically lookup an HCP’s NPI number when their badged is scanned. If nothing registers or you are in doubt, your system should allow the HCP to select and confirm their NPI while they are still in the booth or at your event. This helps to eliminate any errors that often occur when trying to match numbers after an event.

The system should enter, track and report the value of any item given to that HCP be it non-excluded educational items, meals, or even a drink bought at a bar (see Versatility below). Make sure your lead system can integrate with any reporting system you already have in place so that you have running totals across all your events.

2. Versatility

Conversations with HCPs don’t just take place in your booth at a trade show. You need a system that works at all your healthcare meetings whether they are association events or your company’s hosted meetings.

A lead retrieval system that uses technology such as Bluetooth badge scanners that can read trade show badges is a must. But you also want to be able to use that same system for smaller events that don’t have badges. That system might use the camera on your mobile device to take a photo of a business card and then accurately transcribe and record the information on the card. 

3. Customization

Not all leads are created equal. At every event, you will interact with some individuals who need further nurturing by marketing until they are ready to be a customer while other individuals are ready to be passed on to your sales department. You want a lead system that lets you create a custom set of questions to qualify all the people you are interacting with so you can follow up appropriately.

Not every conversation will conform to even the most custom surveys or qualifiers. You want a system that is easy to rank and score someone who falls outside of your parameters, as well as have the ability to enter detailed notes without length restrictions.

The system you choose should also have a way to automate basic follow-up tasks such as sending out eLiterature that has been requested.

4. VIP Alerts

When a VIP (a specific individual, or specific company or organization) comes to your booth, your lead system should instantly alert that booth staffer. After all, you may only have that one chance to make a good first impression.

Reps should be able to identify individuals they are having a hard time arranging face-to-face meetings with. Your lead retrieval system should be able to send a text message or email to that rep telling them to return to the booth immediately to speak with that hard to reach individual.

5. Integration and Measurement

Be sure your lead retrieval system allows for real-time updates to your CRM, marketing automation, and aggregate spend reporting systems. That integration saves you the added hassle and time of importing leads after the show. It also ensures there is no lag time in the follow-up process due to waiting for that import to take place. 

Often the data provided, and the reporting of that data is what will set one system apart from others. Your system should allow you to measure and compare one event with others so see where you are getting the most ROI. You should also be able to see quickly how an event is performing year after year compared to others. Having that legacy data will show you if an event is on the decline, is increasing in value, or just had one bad year.

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